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Lightspeed Station

  • The park and everything associated with it must immerse the guest in the world it is based off of

  • It must provide attractions that are exciting, relaxing, and immersive

  • The guests must either wait as little as possible or enjoy the wait. 

Lightspeed Station is the solar system's first space amusement park. Come to a world above our own for thrilling rides, family fun, and spectacular vistas! 

Parking is found on Earth where guests will be sent to the loading dock and shuttled to the park in an actual shuttle, providing an exciting journey to the station above the earth

The guest will be dropped off at Mission Control where they can set their attraction launch times, this will mitigate wait time by allowing people to explore the park instead of waiting constantly in line.

The park is split into three zones, The Gravity Zone, the Low-Gravity Zone, and the Zero Gravity Zone. Each of these zones have unique rides tailored to the the amount of gravity they have.

The Gravity Zone

The Astro Coaster is a gravity defying thrill ride that will take you out of this world and into the stars, The Astro Coaster hurtles you through an asteroid field on a mission for materials, knowledge, and glory. Take a trip around, over, under, and through a man made wonder as the adrenaline pumps through you.

Relieve an older time and a more archaic design, with The Launch Pad. This free fall ride works like an old NASA rocket, launching the passengers and then disengages leaving a capsule that will free fall back down to the launch pad, stopped only by the system of high strength parachutes attached to it.

The Low Gravity Zone

The Quarry may look bland and demure to adults, but to a child it's a field of wonders and imagination. Let them play to their heart's content as they jump through the area in low gravity, lift things they can't on earth and create adventures and memories that will last a lifetime.

Try and go for gold at this interplanetary golf course, unfortunately there are no birdies here. In low gravity you'll swing like a pro, sending the ball rocketing through the station like a meteorite, just don't lose your ball to the black vacuum of space!

Head deep into the Moon on this pulse-pounding  low gravity roller-coaster ride, on a mission to find the answer that has bewildered many, does something unearthly lie in the center of the Moon? Discover what cool and exciting things lie in wait at the center of the moon, join us on this Journey to the Core! 

The No Gravity Zone

The Battle Room is an arena that only the most talented of zero gravity soldiers survive. Fight with your team to take the opposing teams gate, using your weaponry, tactics, strategy, and above all zero gravity movement. A tip for all the first timers, the enemies gate is down.

Fly your own spaceship a crash into the other captains in Spaceship Slam. It's a great game of galactic bumper cars! Keep your ship under control as you vie to be the last ship standing in this rough and tumble space battle!

Spacedream Drift is the ultimate in relaxation experiences, take a load off as you drift completely weightless in on of our many viewing chambers so you can lie back, relax, and take in the cosmic views.

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