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All the documentation can be downloaded here! 


Windows PC, Mac

All the documentation can be downloaded here! 


Unity 2D

All the documentation can be downloaded here! 



All the documentation can be downloaded here! 


Level Designer

System Designer


Treasure and glory is the goal of all pirates, not just the human ones. Join Booty Bat on his quest for treasure as you fly, shoot and dodge your way to glory! It's time for a new species of piracy!

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  • Concepted, documented, whiteboxed, and populated the game's three levels

  • Concepted and documented the game's systems

  • Worked on programming Enemy AI, enemies, and hazards

Level Design

The levels had to be a good balance of horizontal and vertical space to fully capitalize on the flapping mechanic. The first level focused on how to use this mechanic along with the projectile attack with a lot of open vertical space for the player to get used to flapping. The player must also use the projectile to enter the next level, making sure that the player has learned everything necessary to complete the game.

The second level brings in closed spaces, the player will have less area to flap and the player must be much more precise in their movement. Overhead hazards are introduced, restricting the player's vertical movement and creating these moments of tension. This level also introduces the concept of controlling your fall. With spikes at the bottom of drops players must use the flapping system to not only get over obstacle but to control their fall as well.

The third and final level is the culmination of all the lessons the players learned with the addition of the necessity to regulate the character's flapping so to maintain a straight and steady trajectory. More enemies and more spikes makes for a deadly and challenging final level.

System Design

The player doesn't have the ability to jump in this game, they can only fly. Each flap sends the player upwards a fixed amount, so while they can stay in the air indefinitely the player must be aware of their vertical position at all times so they don't hit any ceiling spikes, or other obstacles. 

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