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Unreal Engine 4, SuperGrids, AdvancedLocomotionV3


Third Person Cover Shooter


The Division, Gears of War, Spec Ops: The Line, Watch Dogs

Casino Resturant Whitebox


This is a small combat encounter made with the mechanics of a Third Person Cover Shooter in mind. 

The last place you wanted to be was the No Hold's Bar and Buffet in the Villa Casino, the well known den of the Vellon Crime Family. Unfortunately, when the boss says you have to deliver a message, well, you have to deliver that message. You thought the meeting went well, but it turns out the Vellons don't care for the phrase "Don't shoot the messenger"!

After settling on the mechanics and location I wanted the level to based on (Third Person Cover Shooter/Resturant), I started looking up refrence pictures for the location. I specifically looked for buffets, especially buffets with seperate islands, because they can be more unique shapes without looking out of place and would easily translate to cover in a combat situation. 


After research, I decided my first concept should be drawn as organically as possible, so that can create a dynamic and interesting space. I made sure to consider flanking routes and added a small amount of veriticality that helped break the level up into more managable segments.  


After completing the sketch paper concept, I redrew the concept on graph paper. I used this to iterate on the design, address feedback, and straighten out curves that didn't add much to the overall architecture. This was a new work flow that let me easily translate an organic space into a more rigid, believable, and easier to build environment. 



Finally I put it to Unreal Engine for with the use of the shelling system, SuperGrids, and the movement system, AdvancedLocomotionV3. I took this as another chance to iterate as well, now that I could see what the design looked  and felt like in 3D. 


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