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Puppynauts & Catsteriods

Puppynauts & Catsteroids is a multiplayer coopretition (Competitive Co-op) twin stick game. Players most work together to reach a common goal by mining the certain amount of resources from asteroids within the time limit. Once they reach the goal, they can compete against each other to see who can mine the most resources before time runs out.

This was made for the 2016 Indie Galactic Space Jam, my favorite game jam so far. I decided to take a back seat from my usual design role and took up 3-D and 2-D art. This taught me about the role of normal maps and new advances in texturing, a la Substance Painter. I also went in knowing absolutely nothing about how to make particle effects in unity and ended up making all of the particle effects for the game. I also got to work with people in the games industry and I learned what it's really like to work for a Triple A publisher like EA.

You can play it yourself!

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