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Prodeus Level Editor


First Person Shooter


Doom: Eternal, Doom (2016), Blood, Ion Fury 

Prodeus Community Map: Glorious Death

Design Pillars

Glorious Death is an Arena map made with the design pillars of Retro Shooters and the Doom Reboots in mind. Keep moving, keep shooting, stay aggressive and you'll survive.


The cell floor is cold, uncomfortable, and unfamiliar as you finally wake from your unplanned unconsciousness. A voice in your head tells you that you are chosen for violence and glory, it seems to be the only way out of this dungeon that reeks of blood and viscera. Follow the voice to be set free by victory or by death.

  • Flowing movement

  • Easy to understand environment

  • Combat encounters that focus on movement and positioning

  • Multiple options to engage and disengage with the enemy

  • Concise narrative events that evoke strong emotions

Rock Arena

The Rock Arena was built to focus on flowing movement, with wide ramps, open corridors, and a lack of railings. This layout makes it easy to understand the layout of the combat space and keep moving, engaging, and disengaging. The bridges, central platform, and tunnel area off to the side of the arena also give the player a place to protect themselves from flying and sniper enemies, as well as general ranged attacks.

Ruins Arena

The Ruins Arena brings a greater focus on complexity and moving between the multiple levels to hunt and be hunted by a much larger cast of enemies. By putting more restraints on enemy movement the player is able to work on outmaneuvering the enemies by quickly moving between layers.


There are many more defined spaces within this arena. The sandy bottom floor works to protect the player from Snipers and other ranged enemies, the Walkways and Ruin Interior allow for quick escapes from melee and ranged enemies, and the Rooftop lets the player get a drop on enemies below and bottleneck pursuing enemies using a side ramp.

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