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Hat Trick

Join the young magician, Benny, on a journey inside his magical hat to rescue his bunny friends before the start of his next show. They've been turned into monsters after a spell gone wrong and you must turn them back. Wield Benny's powerful magic in this magical adventure for all ages!

Hat Trick was made in 3 months by a team of 4 students for Casual Game Production.This game was designed to be fully playable on an arcade machine and easily adapted to the Limbitless Solutions game controller. 


  • Producer

  • Level Designer

  • Props and particles 

All the documentation can be downloaded here! 

The Design

The major factor that informed the design of Hat Trick was accessibility, our class was about creating a game that would be playable and enjoyable by any and all demographics, especially children. We also had to find a inspiration from an Atari 2600 game, we found this inspiration in Dark Chambers an adventure title released at the end of the 2600's lifespan. This meant finding a good combination of simplicity and challenge, which was accomplished by looking at a genre known for simple controls and challenging gameplay, Twin-Stick Rougelikes. By toning down the difficulty, creating an aesthetic reminisint of a child's picture book, and creating fun areas to explore, we created an engaging and fun experience for all ages. 

The Levels

The castle that Benny must journey through is a maze of passages and corridors, a setting that any player could easily get lost in. Making sure that the player can find their way through each level without getting lost was a high priority. To do this we made sure the every level generally moves left to right, that way the player knows that the end goal will always turn up if they keep moving left. All key encounters happen near the doors or in a dead end, and the doors are large enough to be easily spotted by the player. The player's speed was also boosted from the initial speed so as to help cut down on backtracking times on the off chance that the player missed a door.

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