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The BattleDome

  • Must facilitate friendly competition and rivalries

  • Must provide an exciting experience both in the arena and around it

  • Must have immersive experiences that deepens the guest's knowledge of the current sport or esport

Here at the BattleDome, arena sports and eSports are given the state of the art treatment they deserve. Bring your friends and family and root for your team, while fighting for them.

The BattleDome comes with seating that, through LED's, allows the stadium to change colors to represent the current teams playing. These seats also function as a stadium wide Jumbotron, that can show replays and camera footage.

Come to the Virtual Museum to relive the greatest moments in arena and esports history! Attend the 2016 Battle Room Finals while you attend the 2019 Finals. Cheer on your Archery Tag team as you relieve the 2014 Archery Tag Qualifier you went to with your dad. The exhibits change depending on who is playing so come on back to attend even more historic moments! 

Make sure to come to the games for our Halftime Battle Room Tournaments. Take center stage and fight for honor, glory, and prizes. Show off your skills as your efforts are projected onto the stadium, Jumbotron, and streamed on the official BattleDrome app.

With the official BattleDrome app you can play an assortment short multiplayer minigames, stream Battle Room tourneys, and watch the game while you are roaming around the complex! Your ticket to the game is scanned and you are put in your favored team's army. Play games against the opposing army and the army with the most wins at the end of the match will get a discount on the next appearance of their team!

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