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The Formic War

  • It must foster a cooperative atmosphere

  • Allow the players to become immersed in the presented universe

  • Provide both simplicity and depth at the same time

Traverse the Universe as a soldier of the International Fleet. Work together to fight the Formics, Space Pirates, and other new and strange alien races in your quest to rid the Universe of the Formic menace.

Space Travel: You'll have to work together to travel to new worlds. Your ship has four stations, Support, Gunner , Bombardier, and Pilot. Each class has buffs if they use their corresponding station. Combat encounters take place on a grid with minatures. Turn order is based on the character's speed stat.

Character Creation: While you cannot pick your race, class choices go much further. You can choose tactitan, assault, acro, and medic. These classes give you different abilities and allow you to get bonuses on different types of skills.

Land Travel: Your party is represented with minatures and can go to one of two area types, closed or open. Open areas are rural areas, towns, and spread out industrial complexes. These places are about world navigation, quest management, and heavy narrative. Closed areas are buildings, caves, ships, or space stations. These places focus more on combat, exploration, and puzzle solving. Combat is also turn and grid based, with characters using what abilities and equipment they have to fight.

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