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  • Must provide a streamlined and efficient service

  • Must provide the service in a way that is both engaging and fun

  • Must be accessible to both children and adults

Sometimes there are battles to be won, and to win those you may need an army. Uniformality will help you remember which side you are on. Uniformality is a state of the art uniform store that provides only the highest quality uniforms that are perfectly made to fit you due to our state of the art process.

Step 1: The Fitting

Step inside the full-body 3D scanner to create an avatar that exactly you down to the millimeter. This machine will not only create an avatar but that avatar will have all the same measurements you do. Much faster than tailoring and makes it so whole teams can be fitted in no time.

Step 2: Design the Uniform

Pick your sport and create your design, these clothes are completely customizable. Whether you have a match against Dragon Army or the local men's Softball team, you will look good in clothes that feel great.

Step 3: The Preview

That avatar wasn't just for measurements! Your clothes will be put on the digital copy of yourself so you can see how great you're team will look when you go into battle!​

Step 4: The Arena

We have in store trial version of all our clothing types that are free to try. At Uniformality we want to make sure that you are sure that these uniforms will deliver the full range of motion you need to succeed, so that is why we have The Arena. This facility is equipped to accommodate every type of arena sports from Archery Tag to Arena Football.

Laser Tag

Laser Tag



Archery Tag

Archery Tag

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