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The Giant's House

  • The play of the children must benefit the parent, past the expenditure of excess energy

  • Playground must have engaging activities for the children to expend their energy upon

  • At least parts of the playground must be usable by all children, even those that are disabled.

The Giant's House is a playground that can be enjoyed by all ages. Children can run and play in an area that is larger than life and escape from their reality. 

The entire playground is made to look like every day items and furniture if they were used by giants. A giant table where you can climb up the table cloth and slide down two large glasses. Across from there is a cabinet and counter top climbing area, as well as a swing set made to look like a Newton's Cradle. Finally there is a giant bed that is a trampoline, under it is a large maze that children can run around in.

There is also an AR app that goes along with all of this. Parents can give their children quests, telling them to go here or there, or play on a certain piece of equipment. Parents can also create traps and encounters for other children playing the game. This adds another avenue of play for the children and gives parents a way to play with their kids.

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