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The Museum of Interstellar Warfare

  • The museum must provide areas that are learning experiences but seem just like fun activities

  • It must make boring subjects interesting and easy to digest

  • It must have areas that allow the children to expend energy while the parents relax

The Replica Room

This is an area that will be populated by scale models of massive starships and full size replicas of smaller ships. These smaller vessels will be open to the public and they will be able to walk through them and interactive with different panels that tell information about the ships. This provides a fun way for those who want to learn about these ships to really see them and it's a great place for kids to run around.

The War Room

Guests can come and see entire battles happen before their very eyes, in this room scale holographic projection. A 360 degree view of historic combat and the guests can stand right in the middle of it all. Choose from an assortment of battles and watch them play out in their entirety, and learn the stories of those that fought.

The Virtual Command Room

Take on the role of a commander as you take the helm of a massive ship heading to a historic battlefield. Using the in game panels, player can plan and execute battle strategies and see if they can reach the same outcome as the commanders of those battles did.

The Shipyard

Guest can create their own virtual ships and see how they fare against real life testing conditions. After the virtual tests are over, their scores for different tests are  compared to other historical spacecraft to see how they stack up against the designs of the pros. This will kids learn about engineer and give parents a challenging game to play.


The Tour

Guests can download an app on their phones that will scan the many ship replicas and give information to the user. These will fill up a codex that the user may look back to at anytime, even when they leave the museum. It's a technological scavenger hunt that will help kids get interested in the ships around them. 

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