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The Battle Station

  • Be a place where kids can roam free while still being easily monitored by parents

  • Have immersive games and atmosphere

  • Be a place where parents can either relax or play

Here at the Battle Station, games are everything. We strive to live up to that statement every chance we get. Our arcade is the largest in the country, packed wall to wall with arcade games. Everything from retro classics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, to Japanese imports like Gunslinger Stratos and Mobile Suit Gundum: Bonds of the Battlefield.

The ultimate in Room Scale VR ganing is here and is only availible at the Battle Station. The Mind Game is a procedurally generated action/adventure game that tailors itself to you by scanning your brain functions and creating a scenario that you would find the most fun! Want to fight a huge giant, explore a castle at the edge of the world, or fight an alien horde in the Formic Wars? Anything is possible in The MInd Game!

Prepare for your future on another planet with the Low-Grav Gauntlet, an obstacle course and climbing area that will challenge any cadet, young or old. Swing, climb, and jump your way through this fun and exciting course, all while racing against the clock and your friends!

Sit back and relax at the space age Officers Bar while your children play. Enjoy some great food and drinks all prepared with science! That's right, molecular gastronomy is the specialty of this bar and it brings some amazing food experiences and an almost infinite drink selection. Using the Battle Station app and the wristbands given to your children, you can monitor and track your children while you relax!

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