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About Me

I am a level designer and participant in Orlando's growing independent game development community. I look at games as both an art and a science, because they contain a million pieces working together to create a painting of interactivity. 

Since I was young, my life has been filled with media and the people who created it. I want to give back to that now and give the people who love games an unforgettable experience. My only hope is that what I create brings light to someone's life.

I was born in Virginia on July 6th,1995, to a test pilot for the Air Force and an electrical engineer. I'm the middle child, with an older brother who is a composer and a younger brother studying to be an architect.


Our house was always filled with the whir of technology. My father was the one who really got me into video games: hours were spent watching him play Incredible Machines, Baulder's Gate, Icewind Dale, and Neverwinter Knights. As soon as I could hold a controller, I was playing anything I could get my hands on. In particular, the Humongous Entertainment games were a childhood favorite and cemented Adventure games as a genre that would forever hold a place in my heart.


We moved a lot when I was young, including spending a few years on a military base in Germany. But eventually, we settled to Navarre, Florida, where I made friends with people like me and I found my interest in how games were made. Finally, I pursued this interest at the University of Central Florida studying for a degree in Game Design. Level Design had become my passion and I was excited to go out and create something special. I graduated with my Bachelor's in the Digital Media Game Design program in the Spring of 2017, and began my career with a job offer the very next month.

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